7498X Exam Sample Questions Answers

The Avaya Oceanalytics™ Insights Integration and Support Exam (7498X) is a prerequisite to gain the ACSS – Avaya Oceanalytics™ Insights accreditation. This test has 65 inquiries and the base passing score is 63% (41 of 65 right).

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Questions Answers

Question No 1:

During the installation of Avaya software on Analytics™ servers, which script is run and with which user?

A. ./RunAvaya.sh, root
B. ./RunAvaya.sh, oracle
C. ./installAvaya.sh, root
D. ./installAvaya.sh, oracle

Answer: D

Question No 2:

Which two Avaya Analytics™ report templates are available in historical reports? (Choose two.)

A. Supervisor Activity Reporting
B. Routing Service Instantaneous
C. Agent by Account Moving Window
D. Routing Service Summary – Contacts
E. Agent Group Reporting

Answer: A D

Question No 3:

Which real-time report provides the capability of monitoring the current agent work state and current agent work with account state?

A. Agent Instantaneous Report
B. Routing Service Monitoring
C. Agent Performance Moving Window
D. Agent Compare

Answer: A

Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference kicks off on May 19th

Microsoft will host its 2020 Build developer conference in Seattle from Tuesday, May 19th to Thursday, May 21st, the company announced today. Microsoft didn’t say when tickets will go on sale, but does have a general mailing list you can sign up for to get information about the event.

Build is one of Microsoft’s biggest events of the year, and although the event is focused on developers, the company uses it to preview its latest Windows road map as well as updates and features coming to Office, its Edge browser, the Cortana voice assistant, and other software and services. This far out, it’s hard to predict exactly what the company might talk about at this conference — but perhaps it will include updates on things announced at October’s Surface event.

Announcing the event this far in advance is somewhat out of the ordinary for the company — the past two years, Microsoft announced the dates for Build in February. However, today’s blog post also listed dates for other big Microsoft events through this year and into 2020, so perhaps Microsoft wanted to make scheduling easier for people who work in the Microsoft ecosystem.

It also might be easier for developers who work with both Microsoft and Google tools, because Microsoft’s Build has overlapped with Google’s I/O developer conference for the past two years. Google hasn’t yet shared dates for the 2020 iteration of I/O, but maybe, with Microsoft hosting the event a little later in May than usual, they won’t overlap. We’ll have to wait and see if the companies will again go head-to-head in one of the busiest weeks in tech.

MB-310 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Possibility for this test are utilitarian advisors who investigate business necessities and makes an interpretation of those prerequisites into completely acknowledged business procedures and arrangements that execute industry best rehearses. Up-and-comers fill in as a secret weapon in executing and designing applications to meet business prerequisites.

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MB-310 Exam Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution. After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen. A client has multiple legal entities set up in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. All companies and data reside in Finance and Operations. The client currently uses a separate reporting tool to perform their financial consolidation and eliminations. They want to use Finance and Operations instead. You need to configure the system and correctly perform eliminations. Solution: Select Consolidate with import. Does the solution meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: B

Question No 2:

After you answer a question in this section, you will NOT be able to return to it As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen. A company is preparing to complete yearly budgets.
The company plans to use the Budget module in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for budget management
You need to create the new budgets. Solution: Create budget plans for multiple scenarios. Does the solution meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: A

Question No 3:

A client has unique accounting needs that sometimes require posting definitions. You need to implement posting definitions. In which situation should you implement posting definitions?

A. when financial dimensions need to default from the vendor record onto an invoice
B. when only certain dimensions are allowed to post with certain mam account combinations
C. when creating multiple balanced ledger entries based on transaction types or accounts
D. when the system needs to automatically post a transaction to the accounts receivable account on invoice posting

Answer: D

VMware and Nvidia dispatch half and half cloud on AWS for AI

Nvidia and VMware today declared an endeavor grade half breed cloud on AWS that is streamlined for AI, AI, and information science work processes.

The VMware Cloud on AWS with Nvidia is fit for working from cloud and on-premise servers and will make it simpler to relocate VMware vSphere-based applications to the cloud to quicken superior processing or AI for research, experimentation, and organization underway.

The VMware Cloud on AWS will offer EC2 cases with GPU speeding up from Nvidia’s T4 100. AWS shared designs to offer occurrences fueled by Nvidia’s T4 100 GPU in March.

The present news comes toward the start of the VMworld gathering in San Francisco and only days after VMware obtained cloud security and application advancement new companies Pivotal and Carbon Black for $5 billion.

Nvidia today likewise presented vCompute Server for the GPU-quickened organization of outstanding tasks at hand in virtual conditions, including VMware’s vSphere, vCenter, and VMware Cloud. The most recent virtual GPU offering from Nvidia can make the culmination of profound getting the hang of preparing up to multiple times quicker than with a CPU alone. What’s more, vCompute Server can control GPU-sharing for the dispersion of register control from a solitary GPU to various applications or virtual machines.

Clients will most likely relocate vCompute Server work processes from on-premise datacenters to the cloud with a single tick. Once in the cloud, needs can be tweaked utilizing AWS versatile foundation, developing or contracting figure dependent on venture needs.

“Together with VMware, we’re planning the most progressive and most elevated performing GPU-quickened half and half cloud foundation to cultivate advancement over the undertaking,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said in an announcement imparted to VentureBeat.

Tips for Effective Communication in Healthcare

Correspondence is the way toward sharing data, supposition and feeling between individuals through talking, composing or forms of non-verbal communication dialects. Viable correspondence delays the idea that transmitted substance is plainly and effectively conveyed, got and comprehended by somebody in the manner it was planned.

In a medicinal services setting, viable correspondence among patients and social insurance expert is essential to give extraordinary patient consideration and improve persistent fulfillment. It incorporates the capacity of medicinal services proficient to gather data so as to encourage exact analysis, properly guiding, remedial directions, and set up minding associations with patients.

Numerous therapeutic experts will in general overestimate their capacity in correspondence which prompts tolerant disappointment and grumblings. Incapable correspondence can prompt ill-advised finding and postponed or inappropriate medicinal treatment.

Here are a few hints for Effective Communication in Healthcare.

• Use Clear, Simple Language At All Times

Therapeutic expert should utilize straightforward language to converse with the patient which they comprehend and are OK with. Try not to utilize complex medicinal language, it will lesser certainty of the patient.

• Learn to Listen

Great correspondence requires great tuning in just as talking. Cautiously tune in to your patient saying as opposed to moving rapidly to another point. Listening enables you to understand what someone else is discussing and the significance behind it.

• Empathy

Compassion is attempting to see things from the other’s perspective. When speaking with patients make an effort not to be judgmental or one-sided, rather see circumstances and respond. It gives your 100 percent regard for patient and know the passionate factor of them without being judgmental. On the off chance that you become non-judgmental with your patient, they will express their feelings of dread and concern while facilitating their anxiety.

• Be Aware Of Your Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal correspondence or forms of non-verbal communication dialects, including outward appearance, eye to eye connection, and manner of speaking, stance, and body development can enlighten individuals all the more concerning how you are feeling. Building up the fitness to comprehend and utilization of nonverbal correspondence can enable you to associate with others, explore testing circumstances, express what you truly mean and assemble better associations with your patients. Non-verbal communication with verbal substance improves understanding, while conflicting non-verbal communication can make perplexity about the genuine message to the patient.

• Establish an exchange

Build up a discourse with your patients, which will enable you to decide if your patient concurs with the conclusion and treatment plan.

• Communicating With Colleagues

Viable correspondence is vital when giving over or assuming control over patient consideration. Disappointment of legitimate correspondence can prompt inappropriate determination and bombed medicines. The rules that apply to patients are likewise material while speaking with associates and other restorative experts.

You And Your Healthy Heart

Keeping your heart solid is everything, and did you realize that a full 80% of untimely coronary illness and stroke can be anticipated? It’s actual and with chances that way, wouldn’t you like to know what you can do to diminish your hazard? While we as a whole believe that we realize what to do to keep up a sound heart, do we in reality all do those things? Changing only a couple of the things we do every day can have an extraordinary advantage to our heart, and keeping that solid and glad goes far to our prosperity. Who’s ready?

On the off chance that you’ve at any point been to an ER with chest torment, you know one of the principal addresses they inquire as to whether you smoke. In addition to the fact that it smells terrible, cost a great deal of cash and make you debilitated, smoking is one of the top hazard factors for both heart assault and stroke. Of course at that point, one of the top activities to build your heart wellbeing is to discard the cigarettes!

Different things on that rundown are legitimate weight the board, constraining calories, work out, keeping up a solid circulatory strain, diminishing pressure, screen your cholesterol levels and obviously, know the dangers.

Just, the hazard factors for having a stroke, notwithstanding smoking is hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, age, family ancestry, taking contraception pills, an earlier heart assault, heart disappointment and over the top drinking of liquor.

Thus, the hazard factors for a heart assault are once more, hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, hormone substitution treatment, smoking and not getting enough exercise.

Envision how much ‘heart’ more advantageous we would be on the off chance that we practiced more, watched what we ate, kept a nearby beware of our circulatory strain and cholesterol levels and attempted to keep up a more beneficial way of life.

Here and there, notwithstanding when we make a decent attempt, heart assaults and strokes occur. On the off chance that you experience unexpected shortcoming or deadness in face or appendages, in the event that you have an abrupt serious cerebral pain, trouble talking or getting discourse, unexpected duskiness in one eye or unexplained dazedness you might have a stroke.

On the off chance that you have chest uneasiness, weight, agony, pressing or an inconvenience in your arms, back, neck, jaw, stomach, brevity of breath, queasiness, dazedness or you fall victim to uncontrollable nervousness you might show at least a bit of kindness assault. In the two cases look for medicinal consideration immediately, it just may spare your life!

AWS centers around Outposts and instruction at two cloud occasions this week

At the point when an organization enhances at the speed of Amazon Web Services Inc. what’s more, produces a great measure of income all the while, there’s a ton to examine. One meeting in a given week essentially won’t do.

AWS is holding two occasions in the U.S. this week. One is AWS Summit in New York City, and the other is AWS Imagine in Seattle. It’s one more indication of the association’s critical position at the focal point of the open cloud universe.

“Amazon has a $30 billion run-rate business developing at 40% every year,” said Dave Vellante, co-host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s versatile livestreaming studio. “That implies they’re putting $9 billion of gradual income consistently into the cloud business. That is generally as enormous as the whole Microsoft cloud business, and that is astonishing.”

Vellante talked with Stu Miniman, co-host of theCUBE, at theCUBE’s studio in Boston. They shared their desires for the coming AWS Summit occasions and talked about the condition of the AWS biological system (see the full meeting with transcript here). (* Disclosure beneath.)

Coordinated equipment approach

A month ago, AWS discharged a video that showed an early form of Outposts, the company’s incorporated server farm equipment item declared at re:Invent in November. It’s an on-premises server farm framework that will be an augmentation of VMware Cloud on AWS or a local AWS condition, and investigators will search for more subtleties in the not so distant future in New York City.

“That line between the open cloud and the on-premises condition is obscuring,” Miniman said. “I can have the Dell equipment with the VMware code, or I can have the Amazon equipment with the VMware code coming in the not so distant future with Outposts. Everybody needs to see where Amazon is going.”

Ahead of time of the AWS Imagine gathering this week, the organization has discharged a lot of declarations around its advancing work in the training field. AWS made a capability in distributed computing course at colleges in the United Kingdom, propelled an EdStart program in a few Asian nations, and said it would back cloud equipment buys by Latin America new businesses in the instructive innovation field.

“It is noteworthy how profound Amazon is going into these spaces, the proclivity they have,” Miniman said. “We’ve seen Amazon going into subsegments of the market, going into verticals and going extremely wide and extremely profound. I don’t see anything backing Amazon off.”

Here’s the midyear investigation on AWS from Vellante and Miniman, one of many CUBE Conversations from SiliconANGLE and theCUBE. (* Disclosure: AWS Summit is supported by AWS. Neither AWS nor different backers have publication effect on theCUBE or SiliconANGLE. AWS Imagine isn’t supported.)

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Australia-wide AWS arrangement could flag the end for inheritance IT acquisition

The Australian government’s frame of mind towards cloud has been sure, and as per Amazon Web Services (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector Asia Pacific territorial overseeing chief Peter Moore, what’s avoided a holding nothing back methodology has been inheritance plans and a conventional way to deal with acquirement.

Talking with ZDNet following the declaration that AWS had marked another entire of-government manage the Commonwealth of Australia, permitting all bureaucratic, state, and domain organizations and divisions, just as state funded colleges and government-controlled partnerships, to get to AWS Cloud administrations, Moore said the arrangement focuses to the degree of development of the Australian government. At any rate where cloud is concerned.

“What has in the method for the reception of cloud has been, I would state, inheritance game plans, heritage perspectives about how would you acquire and use cloud, moving far from that repaired cost or even pay front setting to a to a greater degree a compensation as-you-go model,” he said.

“That kind of ability comes through extremely a condition of development for the Australian government in understanding that distributed computing is altogether different from customary IT and this acquisition system … is a case of the development of speculation around acquisition, which is here and there slacking from the genuine appropriation of cloud.”

Moore said he wouldn’t at all describe the Australian government as being behind on cloud appropriation, contrasting the country with companions explicitly in the Asia-Pacific district. Rather, he said AWS would believe the Australian government to be in an initiative position.

Indicating an ongoing report from Deloitte Access Economics that took a gander at government appropriation of cloud, Moore said 94% of government division pioneers in Australia said that acquirement procedures should have been modernized.

“A large portion of the components were set up, it was extremely the modernisation of the acquirement procedure that was missing and that is the thing that this game plan has conveyed,” he said.

“There is a major chance – a ton of the obstacles for cloud selection to have currently been evacuated as far as the obtainment procedure.”

Following the execution of this game plan, Moore hopes to see a portion of the littler offices begin utilizing AWS.

“In the event that you consider the biggest organizations that have their own acquisition groups and their very own legal counselors and contracts staff, they can do their own acquirement, however for the littler offices specifically, it’s exceptionally hard for them accomplish something outside the ordinary,” he said. “For this situation, outside the ordinary is something to be thankful for in light of the fact that it truly uncovered the estimation of distributed computing through acquirement.”

There have been ace cloud strategies inside the Australian government for some time – in February 2018, the Australian government Secure Cloud Strategy was distributed. It lit a flame under the offices yet to leave on a change to the cloud by offering a guide itemizing the establishments for “supportable change”.

There has additionally been numerous administration organizations utilizing cloud for some time. The Australian Taxation Office for instance utilizes AWS to have its MyTax application.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has likewise gone to the cloud for its 2021 Census, selecting AWS in May as IT accomplice.

The course of action among AWS and the ABS pursued the administration substance going to the cloud goliath in late 2017 for assistance with conveying the equivalent sex marriage overview.

“They were given a brief timeframe to stand that up and an extremely little spending plan, so they had the option to assemble that with AWS on the grounds that it would not have been conceivable to do it such that ABS had generally stood up real frameworks, similar to the last Census for instance,” Moore included.

“They had an encounter which said they can convey a capacity that is quicker to send and lower cost than the manner in which you would have done it in a heritage way, and that gave them the evidence point they expected to then be profoundly sure that utilizing AWS for the following Census was the correct choice for the citizen and for the Australian government.”

While a disentangled acquirement model suits the administration, because of the economies of scale, Moore said it bodes well for AWS too.

“In the event that we can streamline the manner in which that administration offices experience their acquirement procedure then it gives them quicker access to the profundity and broadness of administrations that we have accessible,” he said.

“I imagine this new course of action especially suits distributed computing and it suits the manner in which that we convey our capacities to government.”

Verifiably, these kinds of courses of action were for a restricted arrangement of abilities, regularly with fixed valuing.

“So this is to some degree extraordinary in its capacity to truly draw out the estimation of cloud for government offices, as opposed to depending on a customary acquisition approach where you need to attempt to impact how obtainment is done,” he included.

The central government has marked comparative entire of-government manages IBM, SAP, and Microsoft, yet none have concentrated on better approaches for running IT inside government.

AWS re:Inforce 2019: Amazon demonstrates its commitment to cloud security

I spent the most recent couple of days at AWS re:Inforce 2019 in Boston, the first AWS security meeting displayed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It was likewise the first AWS occasion that I’ve been to, and I left away with a couple of solid impressions:

Amazon is putting a great deal of skin in the game. Amazon isn’t generally a security innovation seller, yet it composed and supported a first class cybersecurity gathering that pulled in around 7,000 participants. There are a few major cybersecurity innovation and administrations sellers who haven’t gone almost this far, so as I would see it, the AWS people merit credit here. Why go to this inconvenience for cybersecurity? Since Amazon needs its unique mark on the cloud security story and innovation heading. Given its market chief position, what’s useful for Amazon cybersecurity ought to be useful for cloud security when all is said in done.

Amazon needs clients and prospects to realize that AWS security has them secured. Indeed, there is as yet a common duty model for cloud security, yet Amazon needs CISOs to realize that they can unquestionably move their most delicate outstanding tasks at hand to AWS. To support this message, AWS CISO Steve Schmidt featured security administrations, for example, Amazon GuardDuty (risk identification/ceaseless observing), AWS Security Hub (an alarm checking dashboard crosswise over AWS accounts), Amazon Inspector (mechanized security appraisal), and Amazon Macie (a machine language-based apparatus to find, order, and ensure delicate information). Schmidt pounded his focuses about touchy information insurance by further accentuating that the Amazon cryptographic stack ranges all over the OSI stack, securing delicate information as it bungles AWS server farms. At last, Amazon marched out clients, for example, CapitalOne and Liberty Mutual to exhibit that huge ventures have just become tied up with AWS security inclusion.

Accomplices are welcome. The show floor was pressed with name-brand security sellers anxious to exhibit item support and mix with AWS. Beside tradeshow traffic, Amazon likewise made a few declarations for accomplices to expand upon. For instance, Amazon declared a VPC traffic-reflecting component, empowering clients to reflect EC2 occurrence traffic inside Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and afterward forward that traffic to security and observing machines. Accomplices, for example, Corelight, Fidelis, and Riverbed bounced on this, supporting this new administration with their system traffic investigation instruments. Concerning the AWS commercial center’s, Amazon will probably get each security programming seller that issues to partake. To get this going, Amazon utilizes a group to enlist sellers, give improvement backing, and work them into go-to-advertise programs.

Plainly, Amazon needs to lead and upset the security showcase, and the organization is ready to asset this exertion consistently. As verification, Schmidt declared re:Inforce 2020 in Houston in twelve months. In the interim, Amazon will utilize its re:Invent to strengthen AWS security innovations and situating in December.

Awed, however questions wait

I left AWS re:Inforce inspired, however my associate (cloud security master) Doug Cahill and I will keep on checking a couple of residual inquiries around:

The accomplice environment. A few accomplices we addressed had only beneficial things to state about AWS, while others felt like Amazon hoarded the phase at re:Inforce a lot. A couple of accomplices we talked with are worried that the AWS commercial center co-selects their evaluating and plan of action, while others aren’t sure whether Amazon will remain an accomplice or transform into a contender. Amazon must keep on pitching its, “just for one, one for all” accomplice projects and keep accomplices entire – regardless of whether it ventures on a couple of toes.

AWS half and half cloud security aspirations. Amazon accomplices are in an incredible position to connect mixture cloud security holes as associations move remaining tasks at hand to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Amazon offered a couple of insights concerning supporting cross breed cloud security, however this will keep on being an extreme exercise in careful control for AWS, accomplices, and clients. We will pursue this dynamic circumstance.

The new security outline line. With regards to security and consistence, Amazon has constantly underlined the mutual obligation model where AWS is in charge of security “of the cloud” and clients are in charge of security “in the cloud.” As a major aspect of this model, clients have dependably been in charge of working framework security. Alright, however how does this change with serverless processing when administrations like AWS lambda supplant OS administrations and calls with API-level reconciliation? Amazon must think of an addendum to the mutual duty model explicit to Lambda and after that impart it far and wide previously, during, and after re:Invent.